Saving the Brown Locks

By: Holly

Sep 07 2012

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Welcome to today’s episode of The Toothless Chipmunk Adventures: Saving the Brown Locks. This episode finds The Mama briefly challenged in rescuing The Toothless Chipmunk from certain life- & style-changing peril.  How will things turn out for The Toothless Chipmunk?  Will The Mama find help in time?  Will the morning fog rise?  Will The Toothless Chipmunk be saved from the clutches of doom, gloom and more than the loss of his two front teeth?

On a rainy Friday morning at 5:30am, after an eventful night of playing musical beds with two boys and a dog, The Toothless Chipmunk’s Mama awakens sensing something more strangely awry than usual. Hearing a little muffled chatter and spurts of running water, The Mama staggers her way to the hallway. Seeing a light on under the bathroom door, The Toothless Chipmunk’s Mama quietly taps and whispers, “Is everything okay, little Chipmunk?” The bathroom door slowly opens. Standing in the middle of the bathroom is The Toothless Chipmunk with half of a wet head and a dripping wet washcloth.

“I learned thumthing today,” said The Toothless Chipmunk.

“Really? What?” asked the squinting, blinking, dazed and confused Mama with few morning words.

“I learned that you thooldn’t go to bed and fall athleep when thewing gum,” he said as he turned around showing The Mama a wet, picked-over glob of gum in his short brown hair. A pang of horror struck her heart. Immediately fearing the wrath of The Trickster wielding some #4 (or…gulp…shorter?) hair clippers, The Mama had to zap her tired brain circuits into motion. In classic “Electric Company” style, The Mama yells, “HEY YOU GU-U-U-U-U-U-U-Y-Y-Y-Y-S-S-S-S!” and with a smokey poof enter MacEyver and Heloise. Armed with a tablespoon of peanut butter and an old, forgotten comb found in the dusty, way back corner of a hardly used medicine chest, MacEyver and Heloise quietly and methodically get to work on The Toothless Chipmunk’s sticky chunk o’hair. A shower and two shampoos later, The Toothless Chipmunk emerges from his room with his standard perky, toothless smile.

“Wow! Thankth, Mama, for yer quick thinkin’ in thpite of your uthual challenthed and impaired mornin’ confuthun. I’m tho glad I thtill have hair! I’m gonna go watth thum TV!” he proudly announces as he scampers down the stairs.

Meanwhile, as MacEyver and Heloise nod in agreement, smile and poof away in a puff of smoke, The Mama crashes into her bed and pillow. As she rolls over, she sees the cunning Trickster, smiles, and proudly whispers, “No Hoosier haircuts on MY watch, Trickster. You have been foiled again.” With that said, the Trickster opens one eye, says, “Whuh? Huh?” and rolls over with a big snort.

“Yes,” said the Mama as she closes her eyes in satisfaction, “my work here is done.”

Tune in next time, kiddies, for another great adventure of The Toothless Chipmunk.

~ The Toothless Chipmunk ~


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